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Turf Maintenance

Mowing New Turf

Do not allow the grass to get too long before mowing.
Make sure the turf is rooted down and cannot be lifted up.
Use a mower with a grass collector.
Make sure your mower is serviced and blades sharpened annually.

Turf Maintenance Guide (Established Lawn)


Depending on the time of year, maintenance does vary.  During the Autumn and Winter Months grass stops growing and therefore requires little or no maintenance.  However an Autumn weed and feed fertilizer applied during September/October will help keep nutrient levels intact until new growth appears in the Spring.

At the start of Spring apply a Spring weed and feed fertilizer, mow  the lawn regularly, taking no more than 25% of the top growth at any one time. Collect all grass clippings as these left in the bottom of a lawn over a period of time, can cause patchiness and kill off the new grass shoots.

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