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Turf Laying

Each roll of turf covers 1 square metre

We suggest you start laying turf along the straightest edge, working towards  yourself , wooden planks are very useful to work off, to ensure you do not walk your foot prints on the freshly raked soil. When laying turf, do not leave any gaps between the unrolled turf, butt edges together ensuring they do not overlap. Finally use a sharp knife / spade to trim the edges of the turf.



During the Summer newly laid turf will need to be watered thoroughly as soon as it is laid to prevent the turf drying out. (This ‘First Through Watering’ is very important – to be carried out irrespective of the time of day! ) Continue watering on a daily basis until established, i.e. rooted down into the soil beneath.  Make sure outside edges of the turf are thoroughly watered.

Ensure you have an adequate water supply i.e. outside tap to water turf,
hose & hose connectors!

Professional Turf laying Service

Real turf 2

Our turf laying service is headed by Neil Bibby and his team, who has over 20 years experience behind him, no lawn is too big, too small or too awkward for him. Excellent results are guaranteed.


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